How does Summer season impact on freight industry? What should you watch for when planning your logistics? How can you prepare for Summer shipping?
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After Chinese New Year, importer and exporter should do something like grasp the production progress of goods and prepare emergency operations plans to ensure the smooth operation of the business.
During the Chinese New Year, the import and export foreign trade enterprises should "grab the stock" in advance according to the inventory. Communicating and Choosing different channels to stock up is critical.
Import and export trade enterprises choose forwarder to warehousing and dropshipping, not only can they reduce the storage and operate cost but also get other benifits.
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Reducing logistics costs is conducive to decrease operating costs. Sellers can use the methods like cooperate with the forwarder, handle LCL shipments and reduce return disputes.
The end of this year's peak season also means the start of a new round of competition. Sellers cannot just expect sales but should pay more attention to inventory clearance, operation review ect.