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Port Congestion in Peak Season

When it comes to peak season, the shipping and logistics environment is putting up some new challenges for shippers as consumer demands increase immensely. In summer, which is the start of high purchasing season, it becomes difficult to secure cargo space on vessels because of the container shortage. For business owners importing from China, it is vital for you to understand the special features of shipping in Summer.

How does Summer season impact on freight industry? What should you watch for when planning your logistics? How can you prepare for Summer shipping?

The impacts from Summer season on logistics

Freight capacity tightensA key feature in peak season is that the demand for capacity exceeding supply. In order to avoid longer transit time, most importers start booking vessels in advance which leads to the shortage of containers, resulting in some vessels missing scheduled time and causing delays.

The increase of shipping cost: Since capacity breaks the balance as demand exceeds supply, freight rates are rising sharply. Some shipping companies are introducing extra charges in earlier peak time, which will last in the rest of the year.

Extensive delays: During the summer season, there may be changes in transportation capacity due to vacation schedules or seasonal hiring patterns. This can lead to potential shortages in drivers, trucking capacity, or warehouse staff, which can also cause delays in deliveries.

Increased demand for certain products: With the summer season comes increased demand for seasonal products like outdoor recreational equipment, summer clothing, and perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables. This can create supply chain bottlenecks as manufacturers and retailers try to meet the increased demand, potentially leading to delays in deliveries.

Capacity constraints: Plan ahead to ensure that you have sufficient transportation and warehousing capacity to handle the increased demand during the summer peak season. Or consider collaborating with third-party logistics provider expanding your warehouse network to ensure that you can meet the needs of your customers.

Port congestion and terminal delays: In peak season, land capacity issues causing port and terminal congestion, which inevitably affects longer transit time and results in shipment delays directly.

Preparations for your Summer shipping

Plan ahead: It’s important to plan your shipments well in advance to avoid delays and ensure that your shipments arrive on time. DIDADI Logistics Tech offers a transportation management system (TMS) to help you manage your shipments more efficiently.

Use reliable carriers: Choose carriers with a proven track record of reliability like DIDADI Logistics to minimize the risk of delays or lost shipments.

Optimize packaging: Make sure to package your products properly to avoid damage during transit.

Consider alternative transportation modes: During peak shipping season, it may be worth considering alternative transportation modes, such as air/rail/truck. As an experienced third-party logistics provider, DIDADI Logistics can design the best way to help you get your products to their destination more quickly and efficiently. 

As a global omnifulfillment solution provider in China, DIDADI Logistics Tech helps you handle every phase of the fulfillment process. With global warehouse centers, advanced technology solutions, inventory management, we make your supply chain in time and seamless to get an edge over your competitors.